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What Does GoPro Hope To Achieve Over The Next Few Years In The Image Sensors Market? 2017

September 11, 2017

Image Sensors Americas 2017 will feature a session dedicated to the latest industry developments and opportunities within image sensors; focusing on changing markets and what opportunities are available for image sensor applications. 

As this year's opening keynote speaker during the market overview session, Dr. Farhad Abed, Image quality engineer at GoPro will present on Lifestyle Image Sensors Requirements. Ahead of his presentation, Dr. Abed shared with us his insights into what GoPro hopes to achieve over the next few years in the market and what advancements he sees with image sensors and technologies such as VR, AR and 3D Capturing. 

Why is Image Sensors Americas 2017 such an important event for the industry? 

Image sensors are becoming an omnipresent component of our daily life. Cellphones, automotive, surveillance, and many of ordinary instruments that surrounding us are equipped with image capturing technologies.  Undoubtedly, the image sensors play an indispensable role in everybody's living quality.  Moreover, the growth of cutting-edge technologies, such as VR, AR and 3D capturing,  are profoundly rely on the performance and capability of the image sensors.

What does GoPro hope to achieve over the next few years in the image sensors market?

GoPro is constantly seeking solutions that high-quality story telling. From the image sensor perspective, improvements in image quality, form factor, frame rate and dynamic range compatible with lifestyle/action cameras are the key expectations.

What are you looking forward to the most at this year's conference?

GoPro makes it easy for people to celebrate and share experiences. We believe life is more meaningful when shared. We build cameras, software and accessories that help the world share itself in immersive and exciting ways. Considering the image sensor as the heart of any capturing system, almost all aspects of image sensor enhancements affect GoPro’s future hardware functionality. This event covers both fundamental and advanced image sensor technologies.

What do you think this event will do for the image sensor market?

A mutual connection between manufacturers and tech-consumers indicates future road maps for both sides. It assists image sensor companies to prioritize their goals and invest more on the market expectations and needs. Meanwhile, the consumer corporations are exposed the latest sensor solutions that influence their product improvement and developments.

Why should people attend Image Sensors Americas 2017?

Image sensors are merely a small component of a complex acquisition system. Other tech companies and industries, including semiconductor, data transmission/encoding, optical systems, battery, etc., are evenly interrelated that suggests a continues contribution among companies in relevant fields.