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Developments In CMOS Image Sensors Since IS Europe 2019

The world of CMOS image sensors is changing at a pace that we never have seen before.  New applications, new technologies, new features are constantly added to the large portfolio of CMOS devices that are out in the market.  In this way the performance as well as the possibilities of the devices is constantly improved.

During the IS Europe 2019, a workshop was organised around recent developments in the CIS world.  Because of the success of that workshop, a similar workshop will be repeated at IS Europe 2020 : looking back 1 year and reporting about the latest developments that were announced after ISEurope 2019. 

Several subjects will be discussed : small pixels, new colour filters, new ToF image sensors, new stacked devices, global shutter devices, high-dynamic range techniques, etc.  Some topics that are not yet announced at the moment of writing this abstract will be included as well, because one can be sure: further developments of the CIS technology will not stop on a short notice!  Still exiting times are ahead for the imaging engineers and the imaging community.

Albert Theuwissen | Founder, Harvest Imaging
Day 1 - Wednesday 10 March 2020
Event registration and morning refreshments
From image sensors to sensor fusion: technologies and applications (Delivered remotely via Zoom)
Automotive LiDAR challenges and solutions (Delivered remotely via Zoom)
Networking refreshment break
Recent evolution of smart phone cameras and sensor needs (Delivered remotely via Zoom)
Deep Trench Isolation is here to stay!
Protection of humanity from "Deepfake" by selective sensor signature coupled with an authentication engine (Delivered remotely via Zoom
Networking Lunch
Fractional binning (Delivered remotely via Zoom)
Image processing pipeline for correcting lens aberration artefacts, noise reduction and de-mosaicking
AI-in-Imager offers new feature possibilities (Delivered remotely via Zoom)
Networking break
Equal to the AV task: next-generation LiDAR, next-generation metrics (Pre-recorded presentation)
Scanning flash LiDAR (Delivered remotely via Zoom)
Ge on Si SPADs for LiDAR and quantum technology applications (Delivered remotely via Zoom)
Chair's closing remarks
Networking Drinks
Venue: Imperial War Museum Roof Terrace from 18.00 to 20.30
Day 2 - Thursday 12 March 2020
Delegate sign-in and morning refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
High Dynamic Range imaging - a practical state-of-the-art comparison
Large-format SPAD cameras (Delivered remotely via Zoom)
Real-time & power-efficient AI close to the sensor
Networking break
Time-of-Flight is here to stay, but where is it going? (Delivered remotely via Zoom)
High-speed single-point d-TOF sensor for industrial applications (Delivered remotely via Zoom)
Device/system technologies of a long range- and high resolution direct Time-of-Flight (DTOF) system based on a vertical avalanche photodiode (VAPD) CMOS image sensor (Delivered remotely via Zoom)
Quanta Image Sensor characterization and denoising algorithms (Pre-recorded presentation)
Networking break
Active 3D semantic camera (Pre-recorded presentation)
Nanomaterial-based broadband imager
Dynamic PhotoDiode: the breakthrough light-sensing technology
Chair's closing remarks and close of 2020 conference

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Image Sensors Europe 2020 Programme and Presentations